Jane Ray, author and illustrator, led the second workshop of the Moving Connections project back in October. The class were lucky enough to see some of her original illustrations, and listen to a reading of Ahmed and the Feather Girl, which led to discussions about the children’s feelings and thoughts from hearing the story. Time spent ‘Empathy Spotting’ got the class to focus on books they’d read with empathy themes, and they contributed books recommendations on luggage labels.

The afternoon was very creative. The children worked with Jane to draw a variety of facial expressions, could they tell from people’s expressions how they were feeling? The idea of flight, migration and freedom manifested itself in the form of ‘Wish Birds’, where the class wrote wishes for a child refugee arriving in the country, the response, “I wish everyone could be treated equally” shows the power of their understanding and empathy skills.

Our third workshop took place at Scouts Headquarters at Gilwell Park. The class learnt about Scouts and Scout Leaders’ contribution on the Home Front, with the Scout International Relief Service, and in prisoner of war camps. We then explored objects from the Heritage Collection’s refugee and displaced person collection, which brought the learning to life. Inspired by the objects, the class created artworks, from letters thanking the Scouts, comic strips from both the perspective of a Scout and a refugee, to the Fleur-Di-Lys, emblematic of the Scouts and their service.

Creative responses to the experiences of Scout Leaders supporting refugees.