During the early days of Scouting there was a huge number of innovations as the rapidly growing Movement reacted to the needs of young people as well as the cataclysmic impact of the First World War.  These exhibitions explore the key developments during this period:

Vera Barclay; Wolf Cubs; Scouts; Wood badge;
Vera Barclay: A Scouting Pioneer

Robert Baden-Powell; Brownsea Island; Scouts; Pilot Camp; Scout Camp; Kudu Horn;
Brownsea Island: Trialling Scouting, 1 – 8 August 1907

Girl Scouts; Boy Scouts; Girl Guides; history;
Scouting for Girls

Wolf Cub; Grand Howl; Wolf Cub Handbook;
The Patter of Little Paws – the origins of the Wolf Cubs

Which was the first Scout troop?

Scout emblem; fleur-de-lys; fleur-de-lis; arrowhead; Robert Baden-Powell; Scouting for Boys
The story behind the Scout emblem: fleur-de-lis or arrowhead?

Scouting in First World War; Scouting in World War One; Scouts coastwatching; sea scouts;
Scouting in the First World War