We have a series of resources to support research and engagement exploring the role Scouts played during the First World War.

Online exhibitions

Scouting on the Home Front 1914 – 1918 draws on The Scouts Heritage Collection which contains a fascinating collection of photographs and records relating to the contribution Scouts made to the war effort from 1914 – 1918. Topics covered include:

  • Doing your bit
  • Guarding the shores
  • Working the land
  • Every penny counts
  • Pedal power
  • Other duties
  • Bravery recognised
  • Wolf Cubs in the First World War
  • Recovery and remembrance

Roland Philipps: A Lasting Legacy explores the impact this innovative young man had on early Scouting and how his legacy is still supporting East London Scouts today.

Jack Cornwell: A True Scout tells the story of how one boys bravery in the most extreme circumstances still inspires young people today.

Learning Resources

  • Scouting on the Home Front Resource Pack – Includes easy to print photographs and ideas of how to use the topic and collection for learning and engagement activities. Photographs may be reproduced for not-for-profit learning activities, please credit (C) The Scouts Heritage Collection.
  • Guess that badge: Cubs 1916 – when the Cubs programme was formally launched in 1916 there were only 12 badges to work towards.  Can you guess the names of the badges and match them with ones from todays programme.
  • Guess that badge: Scouts in the First World War – At the outbreak of the First World War it became clear Scouts had the skills to carry out lots of tasks to help out on the home front.  Can you guess which badges would teach you these important skills.
  • First World War quiz – test your knowledge of the First World War, useful to introduce the topic and assess your audiences understanding of the conflict.
  • Remembrance Service Poem – This First World War poem “A Scout in Flanders” was written by a former Scout whilst serving in the trenches on the Western Front.  He remembers the good times he enjoyed with his troop and dreams of his return after the war.  The poem was sent to Scout Headquarters and was published in the February 1918 Headquarters Gazette.

Activity Instructions:

Make a remembrance poppy – Many Scout groups take part in annual remembrance activities.  This activity will explore the significance of the red poppy and why Scouts take part in acts of remembrance.

First World War – Scouts Roll of Honour

The Heritage Collection holds a Roll of Honour  listing all the Scouts and leaders who we know died during the First World War. The list is an on-going project so if you are aware of any additions that should be made please contact us.