Scouting the Past, Inspiring the Future: Scouting Museum Project

“…there is one little thing that many an old Scout can do for us… …and that is to help in the collection we are making of historical records of the Movement. Good photographs of really interesting incidents connected with Scouting are especially in demand, but also records, anecdotes, etc.”

Robert Baden-Powell, April 1918

Over the last 100 years the Collection has grown to around 250,000 items, from uniform and badges to artwork and even the Baden-Powell’s caravan. The stories held within the Collection chart the launch and development of Scouting from world famous events such as the Brownsea Island Camp to the individual experiences of thousands of Scouts whose time in the Movement has helped them on life’s journey.  Unfortunately most of these items are currently inaccessible to visitors and are kept in the Collections Store.

We believe our Scouting Heritage is rich in amazing stories which have the potential to inspire our visitors with our values and the impact Scouting has had on both individuals and society.  We are therefore exploring a series of exciting opportunities to make Scout Heritage more accessible and enjoyable to everyone who visits Gilwell Park.